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Because you only pay for items when orders are placed, drop-shipping allows merchants to experiment relatively risk-free with diversifying their offerings through new product lines. Put simply, you aren’t saddled with a bunch of excess stock that you need to find a way of getting rid of if it doesn’t take off.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.


The biggest advantage of purchasing wholesale stock is that this comes at a generous discount compared with buying units individually. Best of all, the discount you can obtain improves as your order volumes increase, meaning that your profit margins can rise substantially over time.

Maintain the best possible margins compared to competitors.




It's generally an all-inclusive service, meaning that we can stock your product bought from us or store products from your supplier. The inventory on our own premises, then package and ship off the products whenever an order is received. We can also handle the post-order tasks such as providing ongoing customer service, as well as processing returns and complaints.

Save costs. Use our infrastructure.


Transmission of product data in XML, CSV formats and automatic order placement via API.

Interacting between multiple systems becomes an important key to process orders even faster. Established API connection can send all the necessary information to place an order directly to our system and callback for updates (status, invoices, tracking numbers and etc.) to your e-commerce system.


Products are categorised with a global Google Taxonomy standard CHECK IT

High quality of images made by Google Merchant standards CHECK HERE

Marketing material is available.


Easy & Simple warranty management. Just fill the form or let your client do it. You can access warranty here in our B2B platform or integrate directly into your store with an iframe tag. More details will be available for registered users.


No minimal order quantities required.

Available direct bank link payments.


All wholesale prices are calculated automatically.

There are several factors how you can get best purchasing prices, but mostly it depends on the balance - turnover. 

Every client has a pricing level. It is recalculated every day in several ways:

- Turnover. Last 90 days turnover. (Orders are not taken into account until they are paid.)

- Balance. Total positive balance in your b2b account. Pay now, order whenever you want and whatever you need. Higher positive balance guarantees higher level and greater purchasing power.

- Bigger quantities. Add same product SKU with additional quantities to your order. Save handling costs, and get better prices.


Manage shipping in two ways:

Take stock from our warehouse (EXW)

Or use our DPD carrier (postboxes will be available soon).

Weight:iki 2 kgiki 5 kgiki 10 kgiki 20 kgiki 30 kgiki 50 kgiki 75 kgiki 100 kgiki 200 kgiki 300 kgiki 400 kgiki 500 kgiki 700 kgiki 1000 kg
LT2.99 €3.49 €3.99 €4.99 €6.99 €9.99 €12.49 €14.49 €21.99 €27.99 €31.99 €36.99 €40.99 €59.99 €
LV5.49 €5.99 €5.99 €7.99 €9.99 €13.99 €19.99 €22.49 €30.99 €34.99 €42.99 €54.99 €79.99 €99.99 €
EE5.49 €5.99 €6.49 €8.99 €10.99 €16.99 €21.99 €29.99 €39.99 €64.99 €79.99 €94.99 €109.99 €139.99 €


ALL AT ONCE In this case shipping time increases depending on the product with longest term. But you save costs for shipping. Mostly it is used when orders are made in bigger quantities to stock. This type is mostly preferred for export clients.

ASAP. We can prepare products as soon as possible ignoring other delayed products in your order. It is mostly preferred if you dropship products and need to get fastest delivery times. But in this case shipping costs will be higher depending on total shipments.

Suppliers. Logistics. Calls. Meetings. Orders. Products.

It's our ordinary routine. For you - no worries!


Founded in year 2013 and is one of the fastest growing distribution companies in sports and leisure field. Company thrives in retail, wholesale and and e-commerce business. Distributing products in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland. We can offer more than 50000+ products by more than 500+ brands from various sports, sports medicine goods, sports supplements, leisure & travel products, etc.

Company's DNA:





*susisiekite su mūsų konsultantu ir Jums pasiūlys papildomas paslaugas geriausiomis sąlygomis.

30 000+ prekių

Siekiame Jums pasiūlyti plačiausią sporto ir laisvalaikio prekių asortimentą Lietuvoje!

2 000 m² sandėlis

Mūsų sandėlyje šiuo metu paruošta siuntimui ~10000 prekių.

Atsiimkite per 15 min

Užsisakykite internetu ir parduotuvėje turimas prekes atsiimkite ko ne akimirksniu.

Geros kainos garantija

Jei radote pigiau - susisiekite ir mes pateiksime pasiūlymą.

Mokėkite gavę prekes

Prekėms esančioms sandėlyje nereikalingas išankstinis apmokėjimas.

30 dienų grąžinimo garantija*

Jeigu neesate tikri dėl prekės, nedvejokite dėl grąžinimo.


Ateities pl. 23 b, Kaunas

Darbo laikas I - V:  9.00 - 18.00   VI: 10.00 - 14.00

+370 630 67777   |


Darbo laikas

I - V:  9.00 - 18.00

VI: 10.00 - 14.00

Ateities pl. 23 b, Kaunas

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