Massage Tables

Questions and Answers

What sizes are available for massage tables?

Massage tables come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small (80 cm x 200 cm) to large (120 cm x 210 cm). The widths typically range from 50-60 cm, and the heights from 68-78 cm.

What material is used to make massage tables?

Massage tables are commonly made of wood, metal, and synthetic materials such as vinyl and nylon. Prices vary widely depending on the size, quality, and features of the table, but they typically range from €100 to €500.

How much weight can a massage table hold?

Massage tables are designed to hold a maximum weight capacity of around 500 pounds (226.8 kilograms).

Are there options for adjustable massage tables?

Yes, there are adjustable massage tables available. The price range for adjustable massage tables is typically between €200 and €4000, depending on the features and construction materials. Depending on your budget and needs, you can find adjustable massage tables with features such as manually adjustable or motorized height adjustment, adjustable leg or backrest length, adjustable armrests and tilt settings, detachable head support, padded cushions, and more.

What types of accessories can be used with massage tables?

Accessories that can be used with massage tables include massage table covers, face cradles, armrests, bolsters, foot rests, carrying cases and various oils or lotions.


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