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Hiking Poles or Nordic walking is very good for physical activity for people of all ages and physical condition. You can do Nordic walking at all seasons, no matter the weather. If you are experienced Nordic walker , you can use up to 90% of your body muscles. Nordic walking burns much more calories than simple walking.

Nordic Walking stresses joint much less than running and so it can be a good rehabilitation equipment. It can also be used for climbing to mountains or hills.

We have a wide selection of high quality telescope, adjusting, folding sticks that are made from carbon fiber or aluminum.

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Questions and Answers

What are the benefits of using hiking poles?

Using hiking poles can provide several benefits, such as reducing fatigue, improving stability and balance, providing support for carrying a pack, helping with climbing and descending hills, providing pole vaulting for crossing streams and rivers, and providing points of contact for going over obstacles. Additionally, hiking poles can help to reduce the impact on your joints, improve posture, and provide protection from slippery terrain.

What should I look for when choosing a hiking pole?

When choosing a hiking pole, consider factors such as weight, length, materials, shock absorption and stability features. Look for a pole that is lightweight yet strong enough to provide support. The optimal length will depend on your height - generally, the pole should reach up to the middle of your sternum when standing with arms at your sides. Look for poles that are made of durable materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber, and find ones that offer shock absorption and stability features for a more comfortable experience.

What type of material are hiking poles usually made from?

Hiking poles are usually made from either aluminum, carbon fiber, or a composite material. The materials used can affect the cost, weight, and strength of the pole.

How do I determine the correct length for my hiking poles?

The correct length for hiking poles should be determined based on a few key factors. First, check your height by measuring from the ground to the middle of your sternum. Second, look at the type of terrain on which you will be using the poles. If you will be primarily hiking on flat terrain, then the proper length for your poles should be equal to your height - 10cm. If you will be mainly hiking on hilly or mountainous terrain, then the proper length for your poles should be equal to your height + 5cm. Finally, adjust the overall length of the poles based on your own comfort and preference.

Are hiking poles recommended for different types of trails?

Yes, hiking poles are recommended for different types of trails. Different types of terrain require different lengths and weights of hiking poles. Generally, longer and heavier poles are recommended for rougher terrain, while shorter and lighter poles are better suited for easier terrain. When choosing hiking poles, look for ones that are adjustable, lightweight, and comfortable to use. Additionally, you should make sure the poles have good grip and shock absorption for improved stability.


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