Quality basketball balls of the most famous brands. We have the world leaders Molten, Spalding and Wilson in our range of basketball balls of various designs and colors. Basketball balls are produced in different sizes and types. Indoor balls are made of leather or other quality materials and have a jumpy, soft surface. These balls are often designed for professionals, so their price is often higher. Outdoor balls are usually made of rubber, so they are cheaper and become a great choice for lovers. These balls are durable and can also be used on asphalt. The third type of balls is universal (Indoor / Outdoor) balls. They are made of synthetic leather, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as for amateurs and professionals. The sizes of the balls also vary. Adult and professional men's teams use size 7 balls with a circle length of 750-780 mm. Women and adolescents under 16 use a size 6 ball (720-740 mm), they are also used in the WNBA league. Size 5 (690-710 mm) is for children under 12, and the little ones can also play with a size 3 (560-580 mm) ball. No matter what age a person is, he will find a basketball of the right size for himself. The Japanese company Molten is the official supplier of FIBA ​​basketball championship balls. It is for this reason that Molten basketball balls are used in both the Olympic Games and the World and European Basketball Championships.

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