Exercise Balls

Gymnastic balls are irreplaceable during yoga, gymnastics, stretching exercises or just exercise. In addition, it is a great exercise machine that can be used not only in sports clubs but also at home.
Gymnastic balls are beneficial in that they train many muscle groups in the body. Training is necessary to maintain balance, which also strengthens the deep muscles. Exercising with a big ball increases the flexibility of the body, develops balance, coordination, develops endurance, strengthens the cardiovascular system, trains the abdominal muscles, strengthens the back muscles.
Exercise with a ball will not last long if you watch your favorite show or series during it.
With us you will find gymnastic balls of various sizes and colors. When choosing a gymnastic ball, it is important to choose the right size, they are your height: 140-160 cm, you will fit a ball 55 cm in diameter, if 160-175 cm - 65 cm in diameter, if 175-185 cm - 75 cm in diameter, if 185-200 cm - 85 cm diameter ball.

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