Basketball is very dynamic team sport that is popular in all around the world. Almost anyone in the World knows what is NBA, Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Basketball is the main sport in two Baltic countries: Lithuania and Latvia as these win international tournaments and develop NBA stars even being small countries. This sport is good for both professionals and amateurs. You can find gain new friendships and strengthen your body while playing this game. We can offer wide range of equipment for basketball professionals and fans: balls, hoops and nets, boards, stands, whistles and many accessories (shooting trainers, reaction balls, tactical boards for coaches).

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40 000+ prekių

Siekiame Jums pasiūlyti plačiausią sporto ir laisvalaikio prekių asortimentą Lietuvoje!

2 000 m² sandėlis

Mūsų sandėlyje šiuo metu paruošta siuntimui ~30000 prekių.