Whey Protein Healthy Choice, Strawberry Flavour, 1kg


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Whey Protein Healthy Choice, Strawberry Flavour, 1kg

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Healthy Choice 100% Whey Protein Blend

HEALTHY CHOICE, a 100% whey protein blend , is a great source of protein with varying levels of absorption. It consists of Rapid Absorption Protein Hydrolyzate and Isolate and Medium Absorption Concentrate. Proteins with different absorption rates ensure long-term and constant absorption, relieve hunger and provide your body with all the necessary amino acids that speed up muscle recovery after a workout.

HEALTHY CHOICE, a highly soluble, 100% whey protein blend , is a high-quality, low-temperature ultrafiltration and microfiltration protein with unchanged protein structure and high protein bioavailability (BV).

Importantly, we use only sunflower lecithin emulsifier to improve the solubility of our product. Many manufacturers choose soy lecithin, but the main reason for this is because it is cheaper. However, soy is an allergen and many people are allergic to soy. In addition, genetically modified products and hazardous chemicals are used in the soya lecithin industry.

Unlike soybeans, sunflowers are not genetically modified, grown naturally, and the production of sunflower lecithin takes place by cold-pressed separation of fractions, similar to the production of olive oil and the use of no chemicals.

We constantly consult with professional athletes, coaches, and nutritionists about  HEALTHY CHOICE  products and refine the most valuable properties.

HEALTHY CHOICE proteins and their importance for the human body

Protein is a muscle building material, one of the main nutrients like carbohydrates and fats. Protein is the second most abundant and important component of the body after water. Protein is very widespread in nature and is its basis. Much like a puzzle, the picture is made up of individual parts, the protein is made up of small particles - amino acids. A total of 20 different amino acids form the basis of a protein macro molecule. Nine of the 20 amino acids are necessary to get with food because they cannot be produced by the body itself, so it is necessary to consume the appropriate amount of protein on a daily basis. HEALTHY CHOICE  is one of the best sources of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)

The importance of protein to the human body is difficult to overestimate. Protein restores, shapes, maintains and renews muscle mass. Protein helps athletes grow muscle and strength. Protein is important in maintaining the normal condition of bones. A daily dose of protein is essential for a healthy human body.

In addition to muscle growth, the protein performs other functions:

  • Provides the body with proteins that are essential for muscle function;
  • Strengthens muscles and restores after exercise for athletes;
  • Helps reduce overweight, suppresses appetite, for people trying to gain lean muscle tissue.

You will get all this even more if you start using Lithuanian protein in your diet regularly - buy it now!

About Healthy Choice

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HEALTHY CHOICE 100% PURE and WATER-SOLUBLE WHEY PROTEIN are the first-ever line of Lithuanian-made protein products. Released for continuous production for the first time in Lithuania, the quality of HEALTHY CHOICE 100% PURE and WATER-SOLUBLE WHEY PROTEIN is second to none compared to equivalent products from foreign manufacturers.

Lithuania has always been known for producing high-quality and popular dairy products for large markets such as Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and New Zealand. The emergence of this Lithuanian product was not simply the result of the untapped potential of company's national industries and also the fact that no such analogous product had been developed in the UK market or other European markets. On the other hand, a closer look at the composition of the products offered by foreign manufacturers and comprehensive scientific research revealed that most protein products offered today are not all natural and contain various artificial flavours, sweeteners, colourings and other additives.

Before the production, supply and distribution process for HEALTHY CHOICE 100% PURE and WATER-SOLUBLE WHEY PROTEIN was set into motion, the company took half a year to conduct an in-depth analysis of composition, packaging, and market demand for this product. The sample products of HEALTHY CHOICE was tried out of the most well-known athletes and dieticians and quickly recognised the benefits of natural protein. The company constantly consults with professional athletes, coaches, dietitians and doctors about the most beneficial properties of HEALTHY CHOICE protein.



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