Toilet Bag Yate EMF, 16x13x10cm, Grey
Toilet Bag Yate EMF, 16x13x10cm, Grey
Toilet Bag Yate EMF, 16x13x10cm, Grey
Toilet Bag Yate EMF, 16x13x10cm, Grey


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  • 30 days return policy
  • 24 month product warranty
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Higienos reikmenų krepšys Yate EMF, 16x13x10cm, pilkas

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The shielding case protects homeopathic medicines and other sensitive devices with embedded information from the influence of electromagnetic radiation.The case is made of three layers of materials. The outer layer - made of PAD fabric - protects against dirt and damage. The second layer - made of polyethylene foam and Al foil. Increases the effectiveness of the outer layer against damage. The case is equipped with a zipper and a handle at the top. The inner protective liner is made of fabric with woven conductive fibres. The electrical conductivity of the fabric causes the liner to behave like a Faraday cage and protects its contents from the effects of high frequency radiation from the environment ( electrosmog ). It prevents the possibility of theft and misuse of data from contactless payment cards, identification cards, electronic wallets with RFID chip. It protects these and similar sensitive devices from hacker attacks.The shielding case can also be used as a mobile phone cover if you want to protect it from unwanted localization and from eavesdropping. The shielding case disconnects the phone from any possible connection to the world. Therefore, you will not be able to make contact with the phone, receive or make calls, locate it using GPS satellite systems, triangulate it (BTS) or receive messages (SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype...). The shielding will not compromise the phone, but we recommend turning it off or switching it to airplane mode for the sake of not draining the battery when the device tries to connect back to the network.Suitable as a binder to organize and use protected objects and devices, convenient to carry. Suitable for travelling.A PU liner can be inserted into the case to prevent damage to the contents when it is half empty.Instructions for use: insert the object into the inner liner and secure its closure by bending and carefully overlapping the liner. We recommend combining with EMF shielding fabric for double shielding.Maintenance instructions: clean the shielding case including the inner liner with normal cleaning agents up to 40° C. Do not use products containing chlorine (Savo). Dry freely at low temperature ( do not use a dryer ).Material characteristics of the inner liner: high attenuation of high frequency electromagnetic fields. The fabric prevents the passage of GSM and CDMA signals ( 2G,3G,4G LTE ), GPS geolocation services ( Glonass, Galileo, A-GPS...) and prevents data transmissions using WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC .Inner liner material composition: 55% polyester (PES), 21% nickel (Ni), 24% copper (Cu), ripstopTechnical data of inner liner material :RF attenuation : 75-92 dB at 1 GHzThickness : 0.08-0.09 mmWeight : 80 g/ m2 +- 10 g/ m2Resistance : 0.03-0.05 OhmColor : golden greyGeneral product information :Warranty period 24 monthsManufacturer : YATE spol. s r.o.

About Yate


YATE was founded in 1991 and at first focused only on business activities in the field of sports, camping and outdoor. Since 1995, YATE has been dealing with the processing of polyethylene foam and it has gradually started to expand its  offer with its own products. At first, they were simple products such as seats and floating boards. Gradually, YATE equipped the production with the necessary machines for cutting, cutting, milling, gluing, thermoforming and other material processing, so that YATE is currently able to satisfy almost all customer requirements. Thanks to new technologies, YATE's production has begun to focus on industries other than sports, so YATE currently also produces for the automotive industry, packaging materials and other industries. In sports, YATE still focuses mainly on outdoor and fitness, because there are the main assortment of foam pads (mats, yoga mats, exercise floors, etc.). Since 2014, YATE has also been intensively engaged in the development and production of archery targets that have been developed in company - other than from polyethylene foam.



CE ženklinimas yra prekės gamintojo deklaracija, kad produktas atitinka jam taikomus Europos Komisijos direktyvų reikalavimus (plačiau skaitykite čia).

Prekių nuotraukos bei video skirtos tik iliustraciniams tikslams. Originalių produktų parametrai, spalvos, užrašai, matmenys, dydžiai, funkcijos, ir/ar bet kurios kitos savybės dėl savo vizualinių ypatybių gali atrodyti kitaip negu realybėje, todėl prašome vadovautis prekių savybėmis, kurios nurodytos prekių aprašymuose. Vizualinė prekių medžiaga nenurodo prekių komplektacijos, todėl būtina vadovautis prekės aprašyme ir specifikacijose pateikta informacija.

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