Dinking Bottle Elite Jet, 750ml, Green/Brown


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Gertuvė Elite Jet, 750ml, žalia/ruda

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Jet Green

  • Jet Green is Elite's new bottle with plant-origin bioplastic made from sugar cane. 
  • This bio-based bottle is just one of the many projects kickstarted by elite to make the manufacturing cycles of its cycling products range more sustainable.
  • Jet Green is a practical, re-usable and performing bottle - it's also eco-friendly thanks to its bio-plastic bottle body. Read more about this bottle's features.

First off, what is bio-plastic?

  • The bio-plastic made from sugar cane is defined as bio-based as it's not petroleum-based but comes from plant biological sources. In this case, from sugar cane.
  • The bio-based ethanol used for the bottle body Jet Green is a great substitute for petroleum to make products that can ensure the same properties of traditional plastics in terms of resistance but with reduced environmental impact in terms of emissions.

Sustainable environmental footprint

  • Manufacturing bio-plastic bottles is one of the many aspects we invested in to make the production of our bottles more sustainable. The goal is to become totally carbon neutral, that is not just reducing, but compensating the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere as a result of the oxygen supply caused by sugar cane farming.
  • To understand its advantages in terms of emissions, just think of the manufacture of a thousand bottles. To produce a thousand Jet Green from sugar cane we were able to reduce the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere of about 160 kg, which is roughly 3 kg. of CO2 for each kg. of plastics produced.
  • This is also achieved as the sugar cane used for the Jet Green comes from sustainable farming, that is not from deforestation. Thanks to its great reproductive qualities, sugar cane grows in abundance also over smaller farming areas.

…And it’s practical with its copious liquid flow

  • Other than being more eco-friendly compared to traditional plastic bottles, the Jet Green is also practical to use while you're cycling.
  • The cap features the same technology used for the manufacture of the Fly bottles, ensuring quick and copious liquid flow while you're hydrating on a bicycle.
  • Other than the soft bottle body made in squeezable material, drinking from it is easy also because of the practical push-pull nozzle, easy to open and close just by using your mouth, which is perfect for sports competitions.
  • Unscrewing the cap makes it easy to wash and dry the bottle after each use.

About Elite

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Elite, a company of cycling enthusiasts, has been offering unique and cutting-edge products to the cycling world for forty years.

Elite loves the effort and the joy of victory. They’re 50-strong, all well versed in cycling, so there’s no room for improvisation. Many of their team members have been working here for more than 20 years. Elite wins awards at the biggest events.

They work inside a historic refurbished furnace that took them 10 years to restore. Elite manufactures locally, based on an idea that turned out to be fundamental to achieve success: their partners work exclusively for them, so brand is primarily focused on marketing and research rather than production.

Elite is self-financed: all their investments come from resources that are the result of everyone's work. That eliminates a bit of weight on a difficult climb. And they keep on growing.

Elite has been specializing in R&D, production, and marketing of hometrainers, bottles, and bottle cages since 1979. Today, cyclists train on hi-tech hometrainers, use bottle cages and drink from technologically advanced bottles with unprecedented qualities and features. Elite feels lucky and continues pedalling with their customers, people like you. Elite loves the effort, they don't compromise and want the best, as brand heads towards the future. They believe it. Ride with them!



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