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  • 30 days return policy
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Mat with Package
190 cm
60 cm
1.4 cm
0.48 kg
Package length
60 cm
Package width
20 cm
Packahe height
20 cm
Insulation coating
Thermal resistance

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The EVA COMFORT CARMAT WITH WRAP is lightweight, has excellent insulating capacity, is resistant to mechanical damage and includes a wrap into which the mattress can be easily rolled. As the mattress is usually worn outdoors on a backpack, it is a good idea to protect it from rain, snow, dirt and damage with the cover. EVA is a non-slippery material and is difficult to put in a regular pack. That's why we have developed a wrap that the mattress rolls up into when packing. During use, the wrap can be used as a jacket pocket, which then doubles as a pillow.- The EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material is highly resistant to damage, does not absorb water and insulates well.- The integrated transport wrap protects the mattress from moisture, snow and dirt and can be turned into a comfortable pillow (for example, by inserting a down jacket). Parameters Material: EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) Color: black Weight: 480 g Size: 190x60x1,4 cm Dimension after packing: 60x20x20 cm Thermal resistance: 2,0 General product informationWarranty period 24 monthsManufacturer YATENumber of product: The mattress is made of EVA material, which does not absorb water and is almost indestructible (even if you accidentally tear, cut or otherwise damage it, the mattress is still 100% functional) The thickness is 14 mm, which creates great comfort for lying down and sufficient insulation even in extreme cold. The multifunctional cover is firmly attached to the mattress so that it cannot get lost (e.g., in the wind, in the dark, etc.). The wrap also serves as a pillow (by inserting e.g. a down jacket and fastening the strap, a comfortable pillow is created, which also does not slip). Simple packaging. You roll up the mattress directly into the cover, which is then secured with straps. The straps can also be used to attach the car mattress to the backpack.Once packed, the car mattress is very well protected against rain, snow, dirt and damage.Material: car mattress: 100% polyethylene EVA, cover: 100% polyester.Care: do not wash, clean only with a damp cloth.Warning: do not expose to temperatures above 70°C. Squeezing the straps into the material does not change the product's performance.

About Yate


YATE was founded in 1991 and at first focused only on business activities in the field of sports, camping and outdoor. Since 1995, YATE has been dealing with the processing of polyethylene foam and it has gradually started to expand its  offer with its own products. At first, they were simple products such as seats and floating boards. Gradually, YATE equipped the production with the necessary machines for cutting, cutting, milling, gluing, thermoforming and other material processing, so that YATE is currently able to satisfy almost all customer requirements. Thanks to new technologies, YATE's production has begun to focus on industries other than sports, so YATE currently also produces for the automotive industry, packaging materials and other industries. In sports, YATE still focuses mainly on outdoor and fitness, because there are the main assortment of foam pads (mats, yoga mats, exercise floors, etc.). Since 2014, YATE has also been intensively engaged in the development and production of archery targets that have been developed in company - other than from polyethylene foam.



CE ženklinimas yra prekės gamintojo deklaracija, kad produktas atitinka jam taikomus Europos Komisijos direktyvų reikalavimus (plačiau skaitykite čia).

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