Today kids wants to go to the Moon and maby other day they will want to go to Circus. They can dream about pirates one week and about princesses other week. Childrens fantasy is endless as their activity. Best solution to use child activeness - outdoor playing fields which have swings, slides, climbers, tracks and other equipment. Arcadia and Rainbow manufacturers offer not only standart models but you can also choose playground modules, colour, material (wood, metal and so on).

Swinging is natural for childs, because their mothers used to swing them. It haves purpose - activates their senses, but also promotes their vestibularic apparatus to develop, stimulates their brains, develop coordination and balance. Our best Swing brands are Kubler, Rainbow and Arcadia.

Climbing is very good for children's muscles development. Our Climbing stations are very safe and can bring a lot of joy for kids.

Children's activity can be hardly slowed by games and park walk. Trampolines that are manufactured for kindergartens will concentrate kids focus and hold them until they will not have any more energy to jump. Trampolines are not only for fun. That is also a good for equipment for developing good coordination and posture. You can choose from 125x125cm to 175x250cm area size. For more detailed information call manager.

Sport gyms, where children work out have to implement best possible safety standarts. Matresses and soft boxes enables children to play with safety.

We offer climbing walls, ball pools, table games, artistic activity equipment and so on.

Most kids like games where they have to run and throw things: basketball, football and tennis. But other sport activity which promotes concentration, focus and logic thinking is also needed. Sport like Gymnastics prevents children from bad posture and develops flexibility. We offer sticks, barriers, relay equipment, tunnels and so on.

Children like to move, we know that. They like to move all the time. When they sit in one place they can develop bad posture habits. That posture also develops when kids get sick or spend a lot of time behind computer screen. Those kids will have weaker muscles, mostly back, core and limbs will be affected by sedentary lifestyle.

We put in a lot of work on our clients projects to meet their needs and expectations.


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