Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon
Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon
Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon
Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon
Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon
Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon
Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon
Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon
Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon
Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon


  • 30 days return policy
  • 24 month product warranty
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  • 30 days return policy
  • 24 month product warranty
  • Free consultation

Balance bike
3.7 kg
Maximum load
30 kg
Frame material
Age group
Wheel size
Wheels material

Balance Bike Lionelo Arie Yellow Lemon

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The Lionelo Arie balance bike not only offers a lot of fun, but also has a positive effect on the development of children’s motor coordination and balance skills. It is a great introduction to learning how to ride a traditional bicycle. Thanks to the great adjustability of the handlebars and saddle, the vehicle grows with your child.



Thanks to it, a little cyclist can signal his presence and at the same time learn the basic rules of moving in public space.

Adjustment of the saddle

The possibility to adjust the height of the saddle from 30 to 42 centimetres allows you to adjust it to the needs of children of different heights.

Steering wheel adjustment

Thanks to the handlebar height adjustment from 52 to 58 centimetres, the bike grows with your child.


Fabric organiser with zip for toys and other useful accessories.

Well-built, impenetrable wheels

A big advantage of the Arie model are stable 12-inch wheels made of EVA foam. It is impossible to puncture them and the profile used has a positive effect on the grip of the bike while riding. In addition, these types of wheels are much lighter than their pumped counterparts.

Reliable and robust construction

The bicycle frame is made of high-quality steel and can withstand a load of up to 30 kilograms. Ergonomic saddle made of high-quality eco-leather minimises the risk of abrasions and provides comfort and a stable support point. Large saddle and handlebar adjustments allow for easy adaptation to the needs of children of different ages, and the contoured footrest with non-slip embossing improves ride comfort.

Tested and safe solutions

The use of a proven drum brake design on the rear wheel allows for better control of the ride. The anti-slip pads on the handles make it easier to steer the bike, and the anti-turn device prevents your child from tipping over while playing. The Arie’s handlebars have a cover to minimise the risk of injury when hitting the body.

The Arie bicycle has undergone a multi-stage inspection and test in the renowned SGS certification laboratory. The product meets the requirements of the European safety standard EN 71.

Useful accessories

The Arie bike is equipped with a range of practical accessories. The zipped fabric bag can be used as a storage compartment for your favourite toy or as an easy-to-fasten transport strap. Light weight and manageability make Arie easy to transport and carry.



Model: Arie
Age range: from 3 years old
Maximum load: up to 30 kg
Product dimensions: 39 x 88 x 64 cm
Product weight: 3,7 kg
Steering wheel adjustment: yes, 52 - 58 cm
Adjustment of the saddle: yes, 30 - 42 cm
Wheels type: EVA-foam
Dimensions of the wheels: 30,5 cm (12 inch)
Functionality: soft saddle made of eco-leather; non-slip grips; contoured footrest with non-slip embossing; drum brake; accessory bag; carrying strap; bell
Materials: Steel, plastic, polyester
Set: Balance bike, shoulder strap, bell, drum brake, handlebar bag, Allen key, handlebar TPR cover, instruction manual, warranty card

About Lionelo


Lionelo is a brand designed with passion and care for the welfare of the youngest users. It is a part of the BrandLine Group with its headquarters in Poland and the Netherlands. Lionelo creates products for infants and children, selling its goods in Europe.

The mission of the company is to provide safe, comfortable and fashionable products. Throughout the process we follow the universal family values: safety, care and development. These key virtues are the foundation of our operations.

Our designs, subcontractors and product materials are selected with the utmost care. We act responsibly and with respect to consumer and the entire society.

Our products are based on the latest technology in order to meet the highest safety standards.

We develop together with our customers. We constantly extend our offer and improve our products so that they meet all the needs of parents and children.



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