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Вес [г]
Corrosion resistance
Knife type
Blade shape
Blade thickness [mm]
Hardness of steel [HRC]
Opening mechanism
Type of steel
Stainless - 154CM
Carrying clip
Dulling resistance
Grind type
Knife scales material
Metal - aluminum
Length when folded [mm]
Total length [mm]

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TheBenchmade Auto Stryker 9101SBK is an automatic tactical knife featuring a partially serrated CPM 154 stainless steel blade, an enlarged deployment button and solid anodized aluminum facings.

Tool steel

The knife has a slim 91mm long blade, made of 154CM hard tool steel, hardened to a hardness of 58-61 HRC. 154CM is a high-carbon stainless steel enriched with molybdenum, so it can be described as an improved version of 440C.

American 154CM steel is valued for its resistance to corrosion and wear (high impact strength), long maintenance of working sharpness and relative ease of sharpening.

Tactical head

The large blade with a tactical tanto profile is coated with a layer of black Teflon, which protects against minor scratches and emphasizes the tactical nature of the knife.

The tanto has a geometric kink of the cutting edge (devoid of a belly), which contributes to the high strength of the stab. The blade of this shape cuts aggressively, is resistant to breakage, and can also be used for undermining. The back section of the ridge is raised and transverse cutters are made on it, which allows the finger to rest stably while working.

Combo blade

The partially serrated blade makes it easier to cut hard (e.g. plastic and bone) and fibrous materials (ropes, belts, tapes). Combo blades (a combination of a smooth and serrated cutting edge) are favored by soldiers, rescue workers and those looking for tools with a wider range of applications.

Instant unfolding

The main advantage of the automatic knife, is the comfortable and fast unfolding system. Unlike models with an assisted head, in an automatic knife, unfolding the blade requires only pressing a button, which is responsible for releasing the lock and activating the internal spring.

Folding the blade requires pressing the button again and manually retracting the blade. Such functionality makes "automatics" very popular among soldiers, uniformed service personnel and edc enthusiasts.

The release button is embedded in a milled cutout, so it does not protrude above the handle. The knife uses an additional locking mechanism, which prevents accidental pressing of the activation button and folding of the blade. The slide of the second safety mechanism is located on the back of the handle.

Extreme caution and prudence are recommended when using the automatic knife.

Comfortable grip

The knife has ergonomic liners made of anodized aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum that form a monolithic unit with the backspacer. Thanks to precision 3D machining, the handle has a striking design and good grip, which is ensured by deep milling and ergonomic shape.

The black anodized coating is resistant to fading, scratching and abrasion, which guarantees the knife's attractive appearance for a long time.

Discreet carrying of the knife in the pocket is made possible by a standard clip with the possibility of fastening in 4 positions.

About Benchmade



В течение более тридцати лет компания Benchmade разрабатывает и производит продукцию мирового класса для клиентов мирового класса. Когда компания Benchmade была основана, ее целью было создание чего-то лучшего, чего-то исключительного. Сегодня мы продолжаем внедрять инновации с целью вывести производительность и надежность на новый уровень. Чтобы превзойти все ожидания. Используете ли вы Griptilian® для повседневных обязанностей или вступаете в бой с врагом с Infidel®, наши ножи созданы для работы. Когда вы решаете приобрести Benchmade, вы делаете это потому, что хотите лучшего. Вы требуете этого.


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