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Box With Lid Set Light My Fire Bio, Green


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A 6-piece tableware set that makes it easy to carry and eat food at work, at school, in nature, on a boat, on a bike ride or in town. Made from bio-based materials. All parts are conveniently packed. Thanks to the harness, the whole remains a practical package. Supplied in a Light My Fire CircBag (size M) made of recycled material. Components: Deep plate on the bottom and shallow plate on the lid (together they form a carrying case and separately they serve as food bowls, the deep plate has a holder for a cutlery), Spork Original BIO Meal (spoon-fork-knife) and two waterproof SnapBox BIO small boxes of different sizes and shapes to keep the places clean from food messes, and also serve as storage boxes for equipment if needed, keeping the items dry. Features: Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Easy to clean. Stackable plates to save space. Spork Original BIO meal is frying pan heat resistant. Thanks to the drying holes in the transport bag, the parts can be packed in it even after washing up, while still wet. Materials: The plate, lid and two different sized SnapBox BIO boxes are made of 96% bio-based plastic made from sugar cane and wood fibre, which is Bonsucro, ISCC and PEFC certified. Spork Original BIO is made from 15% GMO-free bio-based plastic made from maize. Harness material Dryflex Green TPE, 23% of which is bio-based plastic made from sugar cane. 100% BPA-free. Dimensions when closed:194 mm/side, height 61 mm. Weight of the whole: 281 g. Spork Original BIO cutlery length 17 cm. Capacity: deep plate 900 ml, shallow plate 500 ml, Snap Box Original 170 ml, Snap Box Oval 320 ml. Country of manufacture Sweden. Material and manufacturing defects guaranteed for 2 years.

About Light My Fire



Light My Fire brand was founded in 1995 by Michael Odqvist, who began its expansion by spreading a product known among Guatemalans as MayaSticks. The kindling is in the shape of individual sticks made of Montezuma pine wood, which grows exclusively in Guatemala and parts of Mexico. The high resin content means that the wood fires up almost immediately, both in sub-zero temperatures and in rain or high humidity. The manufacturer, a few years after the success of MayaSticks, also introduced the Tinder-on-a-Rope product, which has a slightly different use, but has the same practical properties as MayaSticks. Chips from the logs are flammable, so all you need to light them is flint or any other source of flame with a minimum intensity - a few sparks are enough.

Light My Fire is appreciated by all enthusiasts of being close to nature. They appreciate the ease of starting the fire, the fully natural origin of most raw materials and the excellent quality of individual products. One of them is Fire BioArmy, in which the manufacturer used a 9 mm-thick flint, providing up to 12,000 sticks without losing the ease of lighting. Interestingly, the tinder produces sparks with a temperature of up to 3,000 degrees Celsius, which is why it is able to ignite the most humid wood on a rainy day.



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