Snowshoes TSL Symbioz Adjust Boa Oranssi, Size L - Apricot


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Sniegbačiai TSL Symbioz Adjust Boa Oranssi, dydis L - Apricot

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TESTSHOWLER: Hike 10/2020: Unique, flexible, snowshoes for the most demanding user. Carbon fibre reinforced, elastic, lightweight and strong body construction that follows the terrain very well and provides extra grip on slopes and climbs. The new sole-plate binding provides additional support when moving over uneven terrain and reduces stress on the ankle. The Adjust bandage has an adjustable width of the front bandage. Boa-clamping makes it easy to find the right adjustments and distributes the weight efficiently. The shoe size is adjusted with side buttons that lock to keep adjustments in memory. The back strap has a ratchet tightening system. The strap around the ankle is padded. There is shock and noise absorbing padding under the heel. The S.S.A.S Easy Ascent has a heel under the heel for ascents. It can be easily turned into use with a rod. Stainless steel ice spikes on the sole, 8 per snowshoe. Large frame: - Adjustability of the sole, shoe sizes 41-50 - Load capacity (user weight with equipment): 70-140 kg - Length 69 cm. Width 22,5 cm. - Weight 1055g x 2. Medium frame: - Tether adjustability, shoe sizes 39-47 - Load capacity (weight of user with equipment): 50-120 kg. - Length 59 cm. Width 21 cm. - Weight only 955 g x 2 The energy used in production is 100% renewable and all surplus material is recycled. TSL snow shoes will stay in use long after the warranty period, thanks to a wide range of spare parts. Supplied in a protective transport bag. Made in France.

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