Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak
Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak
Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak
Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak
Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak
Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak
Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak
Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak
Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak
Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak


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  • 30 days return policy
  • 24 month product warranty
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53 cm
Rowing machine
210 cm
56 cm
30,5 kg
Maximum load
150 kg
Power source
Electrical network
Resistance regulation
Not specified
Intended use
Commercial use
Resistance levels
Not specified
Brake system
Not specified
Flywheel weight
Not specified
Transportation wheels
Maximum user height
Not specified
Chest strap
HRC program
Seat height
31 cm
Max. water filling quantity
20 l
Usable with We-Row
Usable with HiRise adapter
Usable with laptop holder
Number of rails
S4-Performance Monitor with USB
Usable with heart rate display

Rowing Machine WaterRower Oak

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Meet the ultimate rowing machine: the Waterrower. After years of experimenting with different resistance the techies agree that only water can meet the specific requirements of a rowing machine. The Waterrower combines all the advantages of real water with a styling that is not only very beautiful, but is also extremely functional. The dimensions of the Waterrower are relative to other rowing machines very modest. The high-quality wood-made frame fits easily into almost every household.

There are a number of significant advantages of water resistance as compared to other resistance. In the first place, there is the true-to-feeling. When you take a seat on the Waterrower you get the feeling of being in a real boat moving smoothly and quietly through the water. Secondly, there is the resistance level, water has the property as you move more quickly through the water the more resistance you feel. This happens on the water in a boat and also on the Waterrower. Many other forms of resistance works just the opposite and offer as the speed gets higher less resistance. Another advantage of the Waterrower is that it is quiet compared to many other forms of resistance.

The advanced computer offers many possibilities and is very clear and easy to use. Besides the usual features such as speed, time and calories is the Waterrower equipped with an ergometer, so you can just keep an eye on how much power you provide during your workouts. The Waterrower is equipped with a built-in Polar heart rate monitor so you can work-out heart rate control. With The heart rate control function, it becomes a piece of cake to train within the desired heart rate zone. There are several options, namely the Hi Lo heart rate zone, Maximal heart rate zone, Objective heart rate zone Intensity HR zone and Save function.

Optionally, you can connect the rowing machine via an interface on your PC, especially useful for processing individual workouts in a database so you can compare later previously conducted training sessions with each other. Further additional functions are storing up to five workouts, set the language (English, German, French and Italian) and an adjustable greeting.

WaterRower Natural is made of Oak treated with Danish Oil giving it depth and warmth.

About WaterRower



WaterRower – uncommon wood training machines manufacturing leader in United States and all over the World from 1988. Company goal is to design modern, but also ego-friendly trainers, only using hardwood and juncture parts. Rowers save space, because they can be put vertically and are stylish, so it can be introduced in your house interior desing.

Water Rowers works by water resistance - most precise imitation of natural rowing. In one hour of training you can burn up to 1000 calories, also 84% of muscles are worked. Rowing provides effective, high intensity cardio training, while saving joints



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