Basketball Stand Sure Shot MacShot
Basketball Stand Sure Shot MacShot
Basketball Stand Sure Shot MacShot
Basketball Stand Sure Shot MacShot
Basketball Stand Sure Shot MacShot
Basketball Stand Sure Shot MacShot


  • 30 days return policy
  • 24 month product warranty
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  • 30 days return policy
  • 24 month product warranty
  • Free consultation

305 cm
Professional basketball stand
Extension Arm: 325 cm
1150 kg
Sure Shot
Backboard length
180 cm
Backboard width
105 cm
Basketball hoop diameter
Not specified
Adjustable height

Basketball Stand Sure Shot MacShot

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Portable Unit EN - 1270 Tested,
FIBA Certified - 1 level of Competition

  •  Manual operation (screw- crank mechanism), doesn’t require any electric supply to operate.
  •  Closing buckles stiffen the unit in playing position so that stand is very stiff even during “aggressive” game, during slam dunking.
  •  Moves on nylon casters.
  •  Very compact size in storing position - 1835 x 4850 mm

Mac Shot features:

  •  Steel, powder coated construction.
  •  Glass backboard - 180 x 105 cm made of 10 mm tempered glass; set in aluminum extruded framing, official border and target area are fired into the glass. The glass of this backboard is cut so that the goal attaches directly the mounting bracket without any contact with the glass – any load on the rim will therefore not affect the glass, but will be transmitted onto the construction of the unit.
  • This backboard is designed for use on three point support attachments.
  •  Flex Goal EN-1270 tested, meets all requirements specified by FIBA, positive lock system secures the goal in blocked position up to 80 kg load, safe net attachment to prevent finger injuries, futuristic slim-line design helps develop better shooting skills, comes with anti-whip net.
  •  Stand padding.
  •  Backboard padding.

About Sure Shot


Company that started to manufacture sport equipment and 3 months after founding was collaborating with USA company sure shot that supplies plastic basketball boards and mobile street hockey goals. Sortly after that in 1996 company supplied Atlanta Olympic games with basketball boards. It was as one of the best company's achievements. After that company bought their suppliers USA company and continued to develop their Sure Shot brand.

Now Sure Shot is well known in Europe and all Around the World. From 2001 Sure Shot became official FIBA basketball. Company's products have ISO safety certificate 9001.

Now Sure Shot offers: basketball boards, hoops, stands ant nets.



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