Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
  • -€100.00
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001
Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001


  • 30 days return policy
  • 24 month product warranty
  • Free consultation
  • 30 days return policy
  • 24 month product warranty
  • Free consultation

100 cm
100 cm
Reinforced leather
102 cm
For right and left handers
Countertop dimensions
91.5 x 66 cm
control board
Metal construction
50 x 50 x 2 mm steel profiles

Rankų lenkimo stalas MARBO MC-T001

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Some people think that armwrestling is a crude, eatery sport. Let's show them all how wrong they are!

You love it: simple, clear rules of the game, competition in pure form, emotions, sweat and tears. You've been preparing for months to face a worthy opponent, and everyone's eyes are on you. You fight, you win and you love it - the taste of triumph can be addictive.

Armwrestling as a sport discipline has a beautiful history. For us, as exercisers, the most important is the last chapter. The breakthrough came in 1993, when the World Armwrestling Federation announced a model of the armwrestling table, unifying the rules of sport. From now on, every training and competition table must meet a number of stringent standards and requirements.

We present you an excellent professional armwrestling table that will accompany you for years. Let it become part of your successes!



Applied solutions

15119_5.jpg 15119_4.jpg


The armwrestling table presented at the auction is a full-fledged tool for the highest quality training, and thanks to compliance with global standards, also used in professional tournaments and competitions. Marbo tables are designed to withstand the toughest sparring of experienced players.

Be convinced that this sport does not compromise and choose equipment for years that you will never be ashamed of!


What decides about beating the opponent is the right technique and the ability to use all the advantages of the table on which the battle takes place.

To provide you with the most reliable grip, our table is equipped with a full steel bar handle. Thick at 28 millimeters, it provides uncompromising durability, incomparable to handles made of a thin tube. The grooved surface will allow you to grip it firmly and securely - without fear that your hand will immediately slip off the handle.

15119_3.jpg 15119_6.jpg


You are a professional, so you know how powerful the table must be on which the fight takes place.

Without excellent quality upholstery, the table has no right to last a year, which is why our product is finished with the highest grade reinforced rock. Resistant to abrasion and tearing, stretched firmly on the foam with excellent stiffness, guarantees the best training experience. Strong stitching on the center line guarantees durability.

Mounting screws

You know perfectly well that you feel that your money has been well spent when the ordered equipment is truly universal. We want to offer you a table that you can easily adapt to both right and left hand fights. Adjustment is quick and reliable - all you need to do is unscrew the screws under the counter to change the position of the armrests and cushions.

Enjoy the equipment that will give you complete freedom!


Combat line

Marbo-Sport starts with an absolutely new series of products, intended for real fighters. It doesn't matter if you are just an amateur of boxing, kickboxing, karate, judo or maybe you are standing on the biggest rings - you will always choose something for yourself from our offer. We offer you the highest quality boxing bags and excellent training mattresses, and much, much more in the near future.

About Marbo Sport



"We don't believe in coincidences, we believe in hard work" - say the owners of Marbo-Sport, who founded the company 30 years ago. Currently, it is the largest Polish manufacturer of classic sports sets for gyms and home. From the beginning, the company's goal was to help people improve their physical fitness without leaving home. The company quickly expanded its range with professional gym equipment and aids for competition preparations.

"This path led us to the point where we are today" - say representatives of the company. Bodybuilding has become not only the greatest passion but also an area in which Marbo successfully specializes. Manufactured equipment is characterized by strength, durability and impact resistance. The range includes products for home exercise, semi-professional and professional lines, as well as martial arts equipment.


Marbo Home series products are designed for beginner bodybuilding enthusiasts, starting their adventure with the gym. The equipment is thought out in such a way that it is as functional as possible and simple to assemble. The equipment is made of a durable 40x40mm profile, guaranteeing stability incomparable with Chinese benches from the corresponding price range. The aesthetics of workmanship is emphasized by elegant upholstery on a thick three-centimeter sponge and powder coating. Start the adventure today!
Class: H - Equipment intended for home use
Marbo Semi-Pro series is targeted at demanding home users who value comfort and confidence in exercising. The strong 50x50x2mm profile guarantees maximum structural strength, and the use of thick pressure knobs and excellent upholstery in two colors leave no doubt that we are dealing with the best quality equipment.
Give up compromises and enjoy the pleasure of exercising!
Class: S - Equipment intended for home use
The best thing that can happen to a real bodybuilder - Marbo Professional series.
The equipment in this line has a declaration of compliance with the PN-EN 957-4: 2007 standard and can be used in commercial and public gyms. Experience the pleasure of exercising on the best equipment on the market!
Class: P - Equipment intended for commercial use



CE ženklinimas yra prekės gamintojo deklaracija, kad produktas atitinka jam taikomus Europos Komisijos direktyvų reikalavimus (plačiau skaitykite čia).

Prekių nuotraukos bei video skirtos tik iliustraciniams tikslams. Originalių produktų parametrai, spalvos, užrašai, matmenys, dydžiai, funkcijos, ir/ar bet kurios kitos savybės dėl savo vizualinių ypatybių gali atrodyti kitaip negu realybėje, todėl prašome vadovautis prekių savybėmis, kurios nurodytos prekių aprašymuose. Vizualinė prekių medžiaga nenurodo prekių komplektacijos, todėl būtina vadovautis prekės aprašyme ir specifikacijose pateikta informacija.

Kilus klausimams, lauksime Jūsų skambučio telefonu +370 630 67777 arba žinutės el. paštu info@powersport.lt

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