Pool Table Dynamic III - Shining Black, 9ft
Pool Table Dynamic III - Shining Black, 9ft
Pool Table Dynamic III - Shining Black, 9ft
Pool Table Dynamic III - Shining Black, 9ft
Pool Table Dynamic III - Shining Black, 9ft
Pool Table Dynamic III - Shining Black, 9ft
Pool Table Dynamic III - Shining Black, 9ft
Pool Table Dynamic III - Shining Black, 9ft


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  • 30 days return policy
  • 24 month product warranty
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Biliardo stalas Dynamic III, juodas, 244 cm

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Weight: 546 kg.
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Weight: 546 kg.


The Dynamic III billiard table is the first choice for all billiard fans and has an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.

This premium class model is filled with lots of innovative technologies and meets the highest of demands. The Dynamic III (9 ft.) is permanently in use for tournaments, World- and European-Championships for a good reason. The EPBF is using it exclusively for all Euro-Tours and Championships.

Split leg levellers and 18 slate levellers, inserted in the frame, allow for the most accurate adjustment of the professional three-part slate plate with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre. Fast, even K55 rubber cushions and first-class billiard cloth guarantee optimal ball roll and perfect rebound of the balls.

With its attractive, modern design the Dynamic III billiard table fits perfectly in gaming halls as well as in private billiard rooms.


  • constructed with exact specifications for the best playability
  • massive brushed metal corners with embedded logos
  • split leg leveller for easy readjustment
  • easy adjustment of the slate with 18 slate levellers inserted in the internal frame
  • drop rubber pockets made of special plastic embedded in the flush castings
  • sealed with special paint to prevent contamination
  • solid base made of glued wood
  • fast and even K55 cushions, made of natural rubber
  • approved for commercial and private use
  • cloth included (Simonis or Hainsworth), brand and colour of your choice (Simonis HR excluded)
  • The color of the cloth can vary
  • pocket sizes in current EPBF tournament norm
  • labelled as table for world championships, Euro-tours and European championships
  • exclusive tabe fo all EPBF Euro tours und European championships until 2020
  • approved and certificated by the EPBF (European Pocket Billiard Federation)
  • Master Pro cushion rubber K55, steady rebound, approved by the EPBF
  • 3-piece nature slate: 30 mm, for accurate movement
  • playing field: 254 x 127 cm
  • outer measurements: 289 x 162 x 83 cm
  • necessary space: 564 x 437 cm
  • packed in 7 cartons + 3-piece slate (325kg), Total: 545,5kg

About Dynamic Billard



Dynamic is a worldwide leader in billiard tables production.

They are working in this field for more than 20 years. By manufacturing highest quality stone surface billiard and pool tables, they guarantee best playing precision and satisfaction. Stone surface tables can't be compared with wood, mdf or other surfaces. Stone surface tables are used in professional tournaments.

Dynamic supports Europe and World billiard championships, also EURO tournaments. Also cooperate with EPBF, ICP and CEP.

For tables decoration Dynamic uses Ontario region maple, pine and ash wood.

Dynamic Billiard




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