Rolls Tempish Ezza 90 Uni


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  • 30 days return policy
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Rolls Tempish Ezza 90 Uni

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TEMPISH Ezza 90 UNI rollers


  • They are designed for recreational, sports and fitness riding.
  • They can carry medium to heavy loads and are designed for beginners and advanced as well as experienced skaters.
  • We still use the proven skeleton that has a perfect shape and attractive design with a two-color and two-layer cuff.
  • The skeleton is of medium height, the movable part above the wrist is reinforced and consists of two separate parts.
  • The lining uses the new Hot Press Seamless Cover technology, which allows the use of PVC material on the lining without sewing.
  • It is stronger than plastics.
  • It is also used on the tip of the shoe, which can be made much lower due to the fact that it does not have to be stitched and visually relieves the entire shoe.
  • The lining also has anatomical parts around the ankles and Achilles tendons.
  • In addition, the anatomical insole makes the skates really comfortable.
  • The skids are made in CNC technology, attached to the skeleton with central screws that allow the frame to be tilted away from the axis - for a perfect fit to the riding style and a different anatomical structure of the user's foot (the entire leg) in front and behind.
  • The casing is really light but solid. The axles are always screwed on the right side of both rollers, which ensures safety - they cannot unscrew while driving
  • Universal brake TEMPISH "S" on rollers.
  • The brake is in the box, fixed with 4 screws.
  • Installing the brake is actually very easy without removing the axles and wheels.
  • The brake handle material is glass fiber reinforced nylon - really solid and durable.
  • The brake pad is adjustable in height and made of TPR.
  • EZZA 90 skates are equipped with RADICAL series wheels - PU casting (PUC), Super Hi-Rebound (SHR) are high-quality wheels with very low rolling resistance and long service life.
  • Low wear on various surfaces and excellent damping of bumps ensure a comfortable ride.
  • The wheels are rotated on high-quality ABEC 9 CHROME precision bearings with a rubber washer.
  • Lacing with classic laces.
  • There is a reinforcement band with a micro buckle above the padding.


  • Purpose Fitness, beginners, advanced and experienced skaters.
  • Skid Made in CNC technology from 6063 aluminum alloy, mounting system in the frame - IDEAL POSITION CONTROL connection
  • Wheel size 90mm
  • Wheel hardness 85A
  • Bearings 608, ABEC 9
  • Shoelaces binding system
  • Type | PE / NYLON shoe shell, 3-part anatomical ankle skeleton space, reinforced raised structure.
  • Liner (inner sock) Stiffened NYLON / NYLEX, anatomical, reinforced with PVC elements.
  • Brake
  • Included Top clasp Buckle 45 degree clasp Buckle 8mm axles Weight limit 100 kg

About Tempish


The company TEMPISH s.r.o produces sports equipment under the TEMPISH brand since 1994, when the company was founded. On January 1st 2005 the company changed its legal form from the association of individuals to a Ltd. company.

The founding of the company is connected with the entry of a new sports branch and a new phenomenon of end of twenty century- Inline skating. This sport and recreational activity has achieved a massive development in the last quarter of a century, when almost every child and the majority of adults use the inline skates for their sports- or sports-recreational activities.



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Prekių nuotraukos bei video skirtos tik iliustraciniams tikslams. Originalių produktų parametrai, spalvos, užrašai, matmenys, dydžiai, funkcijos, ir/ar bet kurios kitos savybės dėl savo vizualinių ypatybių gali atrodyti kitaip negu realybėje, todėl prašome vadovautis prekių savybėmis, kurios nurodytos prekių aprašymuose. Vizualinė prekių medžiaga nenurodo prekių komplektacijos, todėl būtina vadovautis prekės aprašyme ir specifikacijose pateikta informacija.

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