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List of products by brand Bowflex


It all began in 1986. While others were building expensive, conventional weight machines for gyms, Bowflex was developing an innovative way to bring gym-quality results into the home. As it turns out, people really liked that idea. No gym membership, no waiting for equipment, no judgment. Just you, a goal, and a convenient solution sitting in the next room that guaranteed results.

But Bowflex doesn't stop there. Instead of following trends, they continued to develop breakthrough solutions, expanding beyond the home gym to include innovative cardio and strength products to fit every need. All told, they've dedicated over 30 years to designing smarter, faster, and more effective ways to get results in the comfort of your own home — and they're just getting started. That's why Bowflex remains the gold standard, and the most dependable name in home fitness.

Bowflex knows their products will work for you, because they're just like you. They aren't a bunch of fitness robots.  Bowflex team is a mix of fitness pros and beginners, ex-athletes, band geeks, obstacle course racers, dog walkers, joggers, moms, dads, millennials, boomers, bikers, and hikers.

They try their best to practice what they preach, and like you, they all have varying degrees of success. That's why Bowflex focuses on creating machines that get you results as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can get on with your day and live healthier, happier, and better life.

Bowlfex understands the journey to a healthier you because they're taking it with you. Join them and Be Fit For Life.

*susisiekite su mūsų konsultantu ir Jums pasiūlys papildomas paslaugas geriausiomis sąlygomis.

40 000+ prekių

Siekiame Jums pasiūlyti plačiausią sporto ir laisvalaikio prekių asortimentą Lietuvoje!

2 000 m² sandėlis

Mūsų sandėlyje šiuo metu paruošta siuntimui ~30000 prekių.

Atsiimkite per 15 min

Užsisakykite internetu ir parduotuvėje turimas prekes atsiimkite ko ne akimirksniu.

Geros kainos garantija*

Jei radote pigiau - susisiekite ir mes pateiksime pasiūlymą.

Mokėkite gavę prekes

Prekėms esančioms sandėlyje nereikalingas išankstinis apmokėjimas.

30 dienų grąžinimo garantija*

Jeigu neesate tikri dėl prekės, nedvejokite dėl grąžinimo.


Work hours:

I - V:      9.00 - 18.00


Adress: Ateities pl. 23 b, Kaunas

Phone: +370 602 20866

E-mail: kaunas@powersport.lt


Work hours:

I - V:      9.00  - 18.00

VI:       10.00  - 15.00

Adress: J. Baltrušaičio g. 1, Vilnius

Phone: +370 671 24005

E-mail: vilnius@powersport.lt

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