Set of Detectors NGT VS 3 + 1 (6x Snag Bars)
Set of Detectors NGT VS 3 + 1 (6x Snag Bars)
Set of Detectors NGT VS 3 + 1 (6x Snag Bars)
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Set of Detectors NGT VS 3 + 1 (6x Snag Bars)
Set of Detectors NGT VS 3 + 1 (6x Snag Bars)
Set of Detectors NGT VS 3 + 1 (6x Snag Bars)


  • 30 days return policy
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  • 30 days return policy
  • 24 month product warranty
  • Free consultation

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New action set of shot detectors! Now you will receive 3 pairs of short and 3 pairs of long snag bars (rod stabilizers) for free with each set you buy!

Quality and reliable set of detectors with a new design in the UK style and reliable electronics. This is the basic characteristic of the new detectors from the English company NGT. The detectors offer volume and tone control, and each of the detectors is also equipped with one color (green, blue, red) capture and at the same time a memory diode. High receiver range, up to 200 m, is a matter of course. The package includes, completely free of charge, two pairs of metal short and long snag bars (stabilizing ears), which ensure maximum stability of the rod in the detectors even in stronger winds.

The practical small receiver comes with a pendant to hang in the bivouac. At the same time, the receiver is equipped with color diodes that signal the activity of a specific detector.

Detector technical data:

  • Tone and volume tuning
  • Blue memory 20 with LED
  • Removable stabilizers (threaded)
  • External socket for connecting an illuminated engagement indicator
  • 100% waterproof detector
  • Practical carrying case

Power is provided by a 12V battery type 23A (not included). For optimal function and long life, we recommend the use of alkaline batteries, such as DURACELL MN21 / 23 (LRV08).


Receiver technical data:

  • The receiver is set to the basic frequency of wireless communication at the time of sale
  • Vibration adjustment
  • Range up to 200 m
  • Special frequency coding to prevent interference between receivers in the vicinity
  • Up to 4 color diodes
  • Pendant to secure

Power is provided by 3x1.5V AAA batteries (not included)

About NGT


Since our establishment in 2002, we have grown to become a leading supplier of sporting goods to the UK trade market. Next Generation Tackle offering quality products at a fraction of many leading brands. NGT is a young vibrant fishing tackle company and specialize in all branches of angling, focusing on innovation and practical designs of quality fishing tackle, at an affordable price.



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